The tradition of cutting a wedding cake is one of the oldest ceremonies in history, dating back as far as 5,000 years ago since the times of the Greek and Roman Empires. Married couples would bring fruit buns and honey for the gods who would bless them with happiness and fertility. Consequently, fruitcakes have been established as the traditional wedding cakes since fruits were linked to fertility and they could be kept for a very long time.

Important things to look at when ordering your wedding cake include:

1.The Form. Gone are the days when wedding cakes are only the multi-layered cakes covered with white butter cream and decorated with creamy flowers. Today, the bride and groom share their unlimited imagination with the cake decorators. The first slice of cake which is shared between the married couple is believed to be the first meal between a husband and wife. Wedding cakes can follow a square, round, oval, rectangular, heart, hexagonal, octagonal or diamond shapes. They can be stacked or stood on pillars. Pillars can increase the height of the cakes which are usually suitable for grand weddings. The bride and groom must decide how many guests they expect to be served. The numbers of the tiers are flexible as often some tiers would not be made out of real cakes but only for decorative purposes, as requested by the couple. The bride and groom should choose a form that best reflects their personalities and individual styles, whether it be classical, fancy or simply basic.

2.The Favor. In case of multi-tiered cakes, the bride and groom can ask the cake decorators to especially prepare different favors for each tier. If the top tier is going to be kept, the bride and groom must place the order before hand so that a fruitcake, specially prepared for the long term maintenance, will be made as made for the very top tier.

3. The Decoration. Wedding cakes should symbolize the story of their love. The bride and groom can design their own cakes to reflect the special moments in their lives. The monogram of their names should signify their special cakes. Schools, sports, pets, hobbies and poems are often favourite items on the wedding cakes. The cakes can be frosted in various styles such as buttercream, chocolate, royal icing and rolled fondant. Fresh or icing flowers are decorated on the cakes. The colour of the cakes should harmonise with the colour of the entire wedding theme.

4. The Price. The price of the wedding cakes depends on the size and amount of decoration on the cake. Customers are expected to pay more for the more elaborated and refined works such as lacework, embroideries, draping and modeling.

5. The Location. The location can be either indoors or outdoors. Delivery cost will depend on the distance of the wedding parties from the cake center.
6. The Time. The bride and groom should order the wedding cakes at least 2-3 months before the wedding to ensure sufficient time to create their perfect cake.